Government Medical Colleges in India

Find Below the list of Government Medical colleges in India.

government medical colleges in india
Sl. NoCourse NameStateName and Address of Medical College/Medical InstitutionManagement of College
1MBBSAndaman Nicobar IslandsAndaman & Nicobar Islands Institute of Medical Sciences, Port BlairGovt.
2MBBSAndhra PradeshACSR Government Medical College NelloreGovt.
3MBBSAndhra PradeshAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalagiri, VijayawadaGovt.
4MBBSAndhra PradeshAlluri Sitaram Raju Academy of Medical Sciences, EluruTrust
5MBBSAndhra PradeshAndhra Medical College, VisakhapatnamGovt.
6MBBSAndhra PradeshApollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, ChittoorSociety
7MBBSAndhra PradeshDr. P.S.I. Medical College , ChinoutpalliTrust
8MBBSAndhra PradeshFathima Instt. of Medical Sciences,KadapaTrust
9MBBSAndhra PradeshGayathri Vidya Parishad Institute of Health Care & Medical Technology, VisakhapatnamSociety
10MBBSAndhra PradeshGITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, VisakhapatnamPrivate
11MBBSAndhra PradeshGovernment Medical College, AnanthapuramGovt.
12MBBSAndhra PradeshGovernment Medical College, EluruGovt.
13MBBSAndhra PradeshGovernment Medical College, KadapaGovt.
14MBBSAndhra PradeshGovernment Medical College, MachilipatnamGovt.
15MBBSAndhra PradeshGovernment Medical College, NandyalGovt.
16MBBSAndhra PradeshGovernment Medical College, Ongole (Previously known as Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Ongole,)Govt.
17MBBSAndhra PradeshGovernment Medical College, RajamahendravaramGovt.
18MBBSAndhra PradeshGovernment Medical College, VizianagaramGovt.
19MBBSAndhra PradeshGovernment Siddhartha Medical College, VijaywadaGovt.
20MBBSAndhra PradeshGreat Eastern Medical School and Hospital,SrikakulamTrust
21MBBSAndhra PradeshGSL Medical College, RajahmundryTrust
22MBBSAndhra PradeshGuntur Medical College, GunturGovt.
23MBBSAndhra PradeshKaturi Medical College, GunturTrust
24MBBSAndhra PradeshKonaseema Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Foundation, AmalapuramTrust
25MBBSAndhra PradeshKurnool Medical College, KurnoolGovt.
26MBBSAndhra PradeshMaharajah Institute of Medical Sciences, VizianagaramTrust
27MBBSAndhra PradeshNarayana Medical College, NelloreTrust
28MBBSAndhra PradeshNimra Institute of Medical Sciences, Krishna Dist., A.P.Society
29MBBSAndhra PradeshNRI Institute of Medical Sciences, VisakhapatnamTrust
30MBBSAndhra PradeshNRI Medical College, GunturTrust
31MBBSAndhra PradeshP E S Institute Of Medical Sciences and Research, KuppamTrust
32MBBSAndhra PradeshRajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, SrikakulamGovt.
33MBBSAndhra PradeshRangaraya Medical College, KakinadaGovt.
34MBBSAndhra PradeshSanthiram Medical College, NandyalTrust
35MBBSAndhra PradeshSri Balaji Medical College, Hospital and Research Institute, ChittoorTrust
36MBBSAndhra PradeshSVIMS – Sri Padmavathi Medical College for Women, Alipiri Road, TirupatiGovt.
37MBBSAndhra PradeshS V Medical College, TirupatiGovt.
38MBBSAndhra PradeshViswabharathi Medical College, KurnoolSociety
39MBBSArunachal PradeshTomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Sciences, NaharlagunGovt.
40MBBSAssamAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, GuwahatiGovt.
41MBBSAssamAssam Medial College, DibrugarhGovt.
42MBBSAssamDhubri Medical College, DhubriGovt.
43MBBSAssamDiphu Medical College & Hospital, Diphu, AssamGovt.
44MBBSAssamFakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College, Barpeta, AssamGovt-Society
45MBBSAssamGauhati Medical College, GuwahatiGovt.
46MBBSAssamJorhat Medical College & Hospital , JorhatGovt.
47MBBSAssamKokrajhar Medical CollegeGovt.
48MBBSAssamLakhimpur Medical CollegeGovt.
49MBBSAssamNagaon Medical CollegeGovt.
50MBBSAssamNalbari Medical College, NalbariGovt.
51MBBSAssamSilchar Medical College, SilcharGovt.
52MBBSAssamTezpur Medical College & Hospital, TezpurGovt.
53MBBSBiharAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, PatnaGovt.
54MBBSBiharAnugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College, GayaGovt.
55MBBSBiharBhagwan Mahavir Institute of Medical Sciences, Pawapuri (Formely known as Vardhman Institute of Medical Sciences, Pawapuri)Govt.
56MBBSBiharDarbhanga Medical College, LehriasaraiGovt.
57MBBSBiharEmployees State Insurance Corporation Medical College,PatnaGovt.
58MBBSBiharGovernment Medical College, BettiahGovt.
59MBBSBiharGovernment Medical College, PurneaGovt.
60MBBSBiharIndira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences,Sheikhpura, PatnaGovt.
61MBBSBiharJannayak Karpoori Thakur Medical College & Hospital, Madhepura, BiharGovt.
62MBBSBiharJawaharlal Nehru Medical College, BhagalpurGovt.
63MBBSBiharKatihar Medical College, KatiharTrust
64MBBSBiharLord Buddha Koshi Medical College and Hospital, SaharsaTrust
65MBBSBiharMadhubani Medical College, MadhubaniTrust
66MBBSBiharMata Gujri Memorial Medical College, KishanganjTrust
67MBBSBiharNalanda Medical College, PatnaGovt.
68MBBSBiharNarayan Medical College & Hospital, SasaramTrust
69MBBSBiharNetaji Subhas Medical College & Hospital, Amhara, Bihta, PatnaSociety
70MBBSBiharPatna Medical College, PatnaGovt.
71MBBSBiharRadha Devi Jageshwari Memorial Medical College and HospitalSociety
72MBBSBiharShree Narayan Medical Institute and HospitalTrust
73MBBSBiharShri Krishna Medical College, MuzzafarpurGovt.
74MBBSChandigarhGovernment Medical College, ChandigarhGovt.
75MBBSChattisgarhAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, RaipurGovt.
76MBBSChattisgarhChandulal Chandrakar Memorial Govt. Medical College, DurgGovt.
77MBBSChattisgarhChhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences, BilaspurGovt.
78MBBSChattisgarhGovernment Medical College (Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpyee Memorial Med. Col.), RajnandgaonGovt.
79MBBSChattisgarhGovernment Medical College, KankerGovt.
80MBBSChattisgarhGovernment Medical College, KorbaGovt.
81MBBSChattisgarhGovernment Medical College, MahasamundGovt.
82MBBSChattisgarhLate Shri Baliram Kashyap Memorial NDMC Govt. Medical College, JagdalpurGovt.
83MBBSChattisgarhLate Shri Lakhi Ram Agrawal Memorial Govt. Medical College, RaigarhGovt.
84MBBSChattisgarhPt. J N M Medical College, RaipurGovt.
85MBBSChattisgarhRaipur Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), RaipurSociety
86MBBSChattisgarhRajmata Shrimati Devendra kumari Singhdeo Government Medical College, Surguja ( C.G.)Govt.
87MBBSChattisgarhShri Balaji Institute of Medical ScienceSociety
88MBBSChattisgarhShri Shankaracharya Institute of Medical Sciences, BhilaiSociety
89MBBSDadra and Nagar HaveliNAMO Medical Education and Research Institute, SilvassaGovt.
90MBBSDelhiAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, New DelhiGovt.
91MBBSDelhiArmy College of Medical Sciences, New DelhiTrust
92MBBSDelhiAtal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Medical Sciences and Dr. RML Hospital, New DelhiGovt.
93MBBSDelhiDr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Medical College, Rohini, DelhiGovt.
94MBBSDelhiHamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, New DelhiSociety
95MBBSDelhiLady Hardinge Medical College, New DelhiGovt.
96MBBSDelhiMaulana Azad Medical College, New DelhiGovt.
97MBBSDelhiNorth Delhi Muncipal Corporation Medical College, DelhiGovt.
98MBBSDelhiUniversity College of Medical Sciences & GTB Hospital, New DelhiGovt.
99MBBSDelhiVardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital, DelhiGovt.
100MBBSGoaGoa Medical College, PanajiGovt.
101MBBSGujaratAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, RajkotGovt.
102MBBSGujaratAnanya College of Medicine & ResearchTrust
103MBBSGujaratBanas Medical College and Research Institute, Palanpur, GujaratTrust
104MBBSGujaratB J Medical College, AhmedabadGovt.
105MBBSGujaratCU Shah Medical College, Surendra NagarTrust
106MBBSGujaratDr.Kiran C.Patel Medical College and Research InstituteTrust
107MBBSGujaratDr. M.K. Shah Medical College & Research Centre, AhmedabadTrust
108MBBSGujaratDr. N.D. Desai Faculty of Medical Science and Research, NadiadPrivate
109MBBSGujaratGCS Medical College, AhmedabadTrust
110MBBSGujaratGMERS Medical College, Dharpur PatanGovt-Society
111MBBSGujaratGMERS Medical College, GandhinagarGovt-Society
112MBBSGujaratGMERS Medical College, Gotri, VadodaraGovt-Society
113MBBSGujaratGMERS Medical College, Hadiyol, HimmatnagarGovt-Society
114MBBSGujaratGMERS Medical College, JunagadhGovt-Society
115MBBSGujaratGMERS Medical College, NavsariGovt.
116MBBSGujaratGMERS Medical College, RajpiplaGovt.
117MBBSGujaratGMERS Medical College, Sola, AhmedabadGovt-Society
118MBBSGujaratGMERS Medical College, Vadnagar, MehsanaGovt-Society
119MBBSGujaratGMERS Medical College, ValsadGovt-Society
120MBBSGujaratGovernment Medical College, BhavnagarGovt.
121MBBSGujaratGovernment Medical College, MorbiGovt.
122MBBSGujaratGovernment Medical College, Panchmahal GodhraGovt.
123MBBSGujaratGovernment Medical College, PorbandarGovt.
124MBBSGujaratGovernment Medical College, SuratGovt.
125MBBSGujaratGujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences, BhujTrust
126MBBSGujaratKiran Medical College, SuratTrust
127MBBSGujaratMedical College, BarodaGovt.
128MBBSGujaratMP Shah Medical College,JamnagarGovt.
129MBBSGujaratNarendra Modi Medical College, Ahmedabad (Formely known as Ahmedabad Muncipal Coporation Medical Edu. Trust Medical College)Govt.
130MBBSGujaratNootan Medical College and Research Centre, MehsanaTrust
131MBBSGujaratPandit Deendayal Upadhyay Medical College, RajkotGovt.
132MBBSGujaratParul Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, VadodaraPrivate
133MBBSGujaratPramukhswami Medical College, KarmsadTrust
134MBBSGujaratSAL Institute of Medical Sciences, AhmedabadTrust
135MBBSGujaratSBKS Medical Instt. & Research Centre, VadodraTrust
136MBBSGujaratShantabaa Medical College, AmreliTrust
137MBBSGujaratSmt. N.H.L.Municipal Medical College, AhmedabadGovt.
138MBBSGujaratSurat Municipal Institute of Medical Education & Research, SuratGovt.
139MBBSGujaratSwaminayaran Institute of Medical Sciences & ResearchTrust
140MBBSGujaratZydus Medical College & Hospital, DahodTrust
141MBBSHaryanaAdesh Medical College and Hospital, Shahabad, Kurukshetra, HaryanaSociety
142MBBSHaryanaAl Falah School of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, FaridabadPrivate
143MBBSHaryanaAmrita School of Medicine, FaridabadTrust
144MBBSHaryanaBPS Government Medical College for Women, SonepatGovt.
145MBBSHaryanaEmployees State Insurance Corporation Medical College, FaridabadGovt.
146MBBSHaryanaFaculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Gurgaon (Formarly SGGST Medical College & R Centre,Gurgaon)Trust
147MBBSHaryanaKalpana Chawala Govt. Medical College, Karnal, HaryanaGovt.
148MBBSHaryanaMaharaja Agrasen Medical College, AgrohaTrust
149MBBSHaryanaMaharishi Markandeshwar College of Medical Sciences & Research, SadopurPrivate
150MBBSHaryanaMaharishi Markandeshwar Institute Of Medical Sciences & Research, Mullana, AmbalaTrust
151MBBSHaryanaN.C. Medical College & Hospital, PanipatTrust
152MBBSHaryanaPt. B D Sharma Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak (Haryana)Govt.
153MBBSHaryanaShaheed Hasan Khan Mewati Government Medical College, NalharGovt.
154MBBSHaryanaShri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government Medical College, FaridabadGovt.
155MBBSHaryanaWorld College of Medical Sciences & Researc, Jhajjar, HaryanaTrust
156MBBSHimachal PradeshAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, BilaspurGovt.
157MBBSHimachal PradeshDr. Radhakrishnan Government Medical College, Hamirpur, H.PGovt.
158MBBSHimachal PradeshDr. Rajendar Prasad Government Medical College, Tanda, H.PGovt.
159MBBSHimachal PradeshGovernment Medical College, Nahan, Sirmour H.P.Govt.
160MBBSHimachal PradeshIndira Gandhi Medical College, ShimlaGovt.
161MBBSHimachal PradeshMaharishi Markandeshwar Medical College & Hospital, SolanTrust
162MBBSHimachal PradeshPt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Government Medical College, ChambaGovt.
163MBBSHimachal PradeshShri Lal Bahadur Shastri Government Medical College, Mandi, HPGovt.
164MBBSJammu & KashmirAcharya Shri Chander College of Medical Sciences, JammuTrust
165MBBSJammu & KashmirAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, VijaypurGovt.
166MBBSJammu & KashmirGovernment Medical College, AnantnagGovt.
167MBBSJammu & KashmirGovernment Medical College, BaramullaGovt.
168MBBSJammu & KashmirGovernment Medical College, HandwaraGovt.
169MBBSJammu & KashmirGovernment Medical College, JammuGovt.
170MBBSJammu & KashmirGovernment Medical College, KathuaGovt.
171MBBSJammu & KashmirGovernment Medical College, Rajouri, J&KGovt.
172MBBSJammu & KashmirGovernment Medical College, SrinagarGovt.
173MBBSJammu & KashmirGovernment Medical College, UdhampurGovt.
174MBBSJammu & KashmirGovt. Medical College, Doda, KashmirGovt.
175MBBSJammu & KashmirSher-I-Kashmir Instt. Of Medical Sciences, SrinagarGovt.
176MBBSJharkhandAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, DeogharGovt.
177MBBSJharkhandDumka Medical College, Dighi DumkaGovt.
178MBBSJharkhandHazaribagh Medical College, HazaribaghGovt.
179MBBSJharkhandLaxmi Chandravansi Medical College & HospitalTrust
180MBBSJharkhandManipal Tata Medical College,Baridih JameshedpurTrust
181MBBSJharkhandM G M Medical College, JamshedpurGovt.
182MBBSJharkhandPalamu Medical College, PalamuGovt.
183MBBSJharkhandRajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, RanchiGovt.
184MBBSJharkhandShahed Nirmal Mahto Medical College & Hospital, DhanbadGovt.
185MBBSKarnatakaAdichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences BellurTrust
186MBBSKarnatakaA J Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, MangaloreTrust
187MBBSKarnatakaAkash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Devanhalli, Bangalore, KarnatakaTrust
188MBBSKarnatakaAl-Ameen Medical College,BijapurTrust
189MBBSKarnatakaBangalore Medical College and Research Institute, BangaloreGovt.
190MBBSKarnatakaBasaveswara Medical College and Hospital, ChitradurgaTrust
191MBBSKarnatakaBelagavi Institute of Medical Sciences, BelagaviGovt.
192MBBSKarnatakaBGS Global Institute of Medical Sciences, BangaloreTrust
193MBBSKarnatakaBidar Institute of Medical Sciences,BidarGovt.
194MBBSKarnatakaChamrajanagar Institute of Medical Sciences, KarnatakaGovt.
195MBBSKarnatakaChikkaballapura Institute of Medical SciencesGovt.
196MBBSKarnatakaChikkamagaluru Institute of Medical Sciences, ChikkamagaluruGovt.
197MBBSKarnatakaChitradurga Medical College and Research InstituteGovt.
198MBBSKarnatakaDr BR Ambedkar Medical College, BangaloreTrust
199MBBSKarnatakaDr. Chandramma Dayananda Sagar Instt. of Medical Education & Research, Harohalli, HubliTrust
200MBBSKarnatakaEast Point College of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, BangaloreTrust
201MBBSKarnatakaEmployees State Insurance Corporation Medical College, BangaloreGovt.
202MBBSKarnatakaEmployees State Insurance Corporation Medical College, GulbargaGovt.
203MBBSKarnatakaFather Mullers Medical College, MangaloreTrust
204MBBSKarnatakaGadag Institute of Medical Sciences, Mallasamudra, Mulgund Road, GadagGovt.
205MBBSKarnatakaG R Medical College Hospital & Research CentreTrust
206MBBSKarnatakaGulbarga Institute of Medical Sciences, GulbargaGovt.
207MBBSKarnatakaHassan Institute of Medical Sciences, HassanGovt.
208MBBSKarnatakaHaveri Institute of Medical Sciences, HaveriGovt.
209MBBSKarnatakaJagadguru Gangadhar Mahaswamigalu Moorusavirmath Medical College JGMMMCTrust
210MBBSKarnatakaJawaharlal Nehru Medical College, BelgaumTrust
211MBBSKarnatakaJJM Medical College, DavangereTrust
212MBBSKarnatakaJSS Medical College, MysoreTrust
213MBBSKarnatakaKanachur Institute of Medical Sciences, MangaloreTrust
214MBBSKarnatakaKarnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, HubballiGovt.
215MBBSKarnatakaKarwar Institute of Medical Sciences, KarwarGovt.
216MBBSKarnatakaKasturba Medical College, MangaloreTrust
217MBBSKarnatakaKasturba Medical College, ManipalTrust
218MBBSKarnatakaKempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, BangaloreTrust
219MBBSKarnatakaKhaja Bandanawaz University – Faculty of Medical Sciences, GulbargaTrust
220MBBSKarnatakaKodagu Institute of Medical Sciences, KodaguGovt.
221MBBSKarnatakaKoppal Institute of Medical Sciences, KoppalGovt.
222MBBSKarnatakaK S Hegde Medical Academy, MangaloreTrust
223MBBSKarnatakaK V G Medical College, SulliaTrust
224MBBSKarnatakaMahadevappa Rampure Medical College, Kalaburagi, GulbargaTrust
225MBBSKarnatakaMandya Institute of Medical Sciences, MandyaGovt.
226MBBSKarnatakaM S Ramaiah Medical College, BangaloreTrust
227MBBSKarnatakaMVJ Medical College and Research Hospital, BangaloreTrust
228MBBSKarnatakaMysore Medical College and Research Instt. ( Government Medical College), MysoreGovt.
229MBBSKarnatakaNavodaya Medical College, RaichurTrust
230MBBSKarnatakaRaichur Institute of Medical Sciences,RaichurGovt.
231MBBSKarnatakaRajarajeswari Medical College & Hospital, BangaloreTrust
232MBBSKarnatakaSambharam Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, KolarTrust
233MBBSKarnatakaSapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, BangaloreTrust
234MBBSKarnatakaSDM College of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Sattur, DharwadTrust
235MBBSKarnatakaShimoga Institute of Medical Sciences,ShimogaGovt.
236MBBSKarnatakaShri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical College & Research InstituteGovt.
237MBBSKarnatakaShri B M Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Vijayapura(BijapurTrust
238MBBSKarnatakaShridevi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Hospital, TumkurTrust
239MBBSKarnatakaSiddaganga Medical College and Research Institute, TumakuruPrivate
240MBBSKarnatakaS. Nijalingappa Medical College & HSK Hospital & Research Centre, BagalkotTrust
241MBBSKarnatakaSri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital & Research InstituteTrust
242MBBSKarnatakaSri Devaraj URS Medical College, KolarTrust
243MBBSKarnatakaSri Madhusudan Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and ResearchTrust
244MBBSKarnatakaSrinivas Institute of Medical Research Centre, Srinivasnagar, mangaloreTrust
245MBBSKarnatakaSri siddhartha Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, BangaloreTrust
246MBBSKarnatakaSri Siddhartha Medical College, TumkurTrust
247MBBSKarnatakaS S Institute of Medical Sciences& Research Centre, DavangereTrust
248MBBSKarnatakaSt. Johns Medical College, BangaloreTrust
249MBBSKarnatakaSubbaiah Institute of Medical Sciences, Shimoga, KarnatakaTrust
250MBBSKarnatakaThe Oxford Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, BangaloreSociety
251MBBSKarnatakaVijaynagar Institute of Medical Sciences, BellaryGovt.
252MBBSKarnatakaVydehi Institute Of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, BangaloreTrust
253MBBSKarnatakaYadgiri Institute of Medical Sciences, YadgiriGovt.
254MBBSKarnatakaYenepoya Medical College, MangaloreTrust
255MBBSKeralaAl-Azhar Medical College and Super Speciality Hospital, ThodupuzhaTrust
256MBBSKeralaAmala Institute of Medical Sciences, ThrissurTrust
257MBBSKeralaAmrita School of Medicine, Elamkara, KochiTrust
258MBBSKeralaAzeezia Instt of Medical Science,Meeyannoor,KollamTrust
259MBBSKeralaBelievers Church Medical College Hospital, Thiruvalla, KeralaTrust
260MBBSKeralaDr. Moopen s Medical College, Wayanad, KeralaTrust
261MBBSKeralaDr. Somervel Memorial CSI Hospital & Medical College, Karakonam, ThiruvananthapuramTrust
262MBBSKeralaGovernment Medical College, ErnakulamGovt.
263MBBSKeralaGovernment Medical College, Idukki.Govt.
264MBBSKeralaGovernment Medical College (Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences), Yakkara, PalakkadGovt.
265MBBSKeralaGovernment Medical College, KonniGovt.
266MBBSKeralaGovernment Medical College, KottayamGovt.
267MBBSKeralaGovernment Medical College, Kozhikode, CalicutGovt.
268MBBSKeralaGovernment Medical College, Manjeri, Malapuram Dist.Govt.
269MBBSKeralaGovernment Medical College, Parippally, KollamGovt.
270MBBSKeralaGovernment Medical College, ThrissurGovt.
271MBBSKeralaGovt. Medical College,Pariyaram, Kannur (Prev. Known as Academy of Medical Sciences)Govt.
272MBBSKeralaJubilee Mission Medical College & Research Institute, ThrissurTrust
273MBBSKeralaKannur Medical College, KannurTrust
274MBBSKeralaKaruna Medical College, PalakkadTrust
275MBBSKeralaKMCT Medical College,Kozhikode, CalicutTrust
276MBBSKeralaMalabar Medical College, Kozhikode,CalicutTrust
277MBBSKeralaMalankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical College, KolencheryTrust
278MBBSKeralaMedical College, ThiruvananthapuramGovt.
279MBBSKeralaM E S Medical College , Perintalmanna Malappuram Distt.KeralaTrust
280MBBSKeralaMount Zion Medical College, Chayalode, Ezhamkulam Adoor, PathanamthittaSociety
281MBBSKeralaP K Das Institute of Medical Sciences, Palakkad, KeralaTrust
282MBBSKeralaPushpagiri Institute Of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, TiruvallaTrust
283MBBSKeralaSree Gokulam Medical College Trust & Research Foundation, TrivandrumTrust
284MBBSKeralaSree Narayana Instt. of Medical Sciences, Chalakka,ErnakulamTrust
285MBBSKeralaSree Uthradom Thiurnal Academy of Medical Sciences,TrivandrumTrust
286MBBSKeralaT D Medical College, Alleppey (Allappuzha)Govt.
287MBBSKeralaTravancore Medical College, KollamTrust
288MBBSMadhya PradeshAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, BhopalGovt.
289MBBSMadhya PradeshAmaltas Institute of Medical Sciences, DewasSociety
290MBBSMadhya PradeshBundelkhand Medical College, SagarGovt.
291MBBSMadhya PradeshChirayu Medical College and Hospital, Bairagarh,BhopalTrust
292MBBSMadhya PradeshGajra Raja Medical College, GwaliorGovt.
293MBBSMadhya PradeshGandhi Medical College, BhopalGovt.
294MBBSMadhya PradeshGovernment Medical College, Chhindwara, MPGovt.
295MBBSMadhya PradeshGovernment Medical College, Datia, MPGovt.
296MBBSMadhya PradeshGovernment Medical College, Khandwa, MPGovt.
297MBBSMadhya PradeshGovernment Medical College, RatlamGovt.
298MBBSMadhya PradeshGovernment Medical College, SatnaGovt.
299MBBSMadhya PradeshGovernment Medical College, Shahdol, MPGovt.
300MBBSMadhya PradeshGovernment Medical College, Shivpuri, MPGovt.
301MBBSMadhya PradeshGovernment Medical College, Vidisha, MPGovt.
302MBBSMadhya PradeshIndex Medical College Hospital & Research Centre,IndoreTrust
303MBBSMadhya PradeshLNCT Medical College & Sewakunj Hospital, IndoreSociety
304MBBSMadhya PradeshL.N. Medical College and Research Centre,BhopalTrust
305MBBSMadhya PradeshMahaveer Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, BhopalSociety
306MBBSMadhya PradeshM G M Medical College, IndoreGovt.
307MBBSMadhya PradeshNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College, JabalpurGovt.
308MBBSMadhya PradeshPeoples College of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Bhanpur, BhopalTrust
309MBBSMadhya PradeshRam Krishna College Hospital & Research Centre, BhopalTrust
310MBBSMadhya PradeshRKDF Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Jatkhedi, BhopalSociety
311MBBSMadhya PradeshRuxmaniben Deepchand Gardi Medical College, UjjainTrust
312MBBSMadhya PradeshShyam Shah Medical College, RewaGovt.
313MBBSMadhya PradeshSri Aurobindo Medical College and Post Graduate Institute , IndoreTrust
314MBBSMadhya PradeshSukh Sagar Medical College & Hospital, JabalpurTrust
315MBBSMaharashtraACPM Medical College, DhuleTrust
316MBBSMaharashtraAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, NagpurGovt.
317MBBSMaharashtraArmed Forces Medical College, PuneGovt.
318MBBSMaharashtraAshwini Rural Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, SolapurTrust
319MBBSMaharashtraBharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Medical College & Hospital, SangliTrust
320MBBSMaharashtraBharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College, PuneTrust
321MBBSMaharashtraBharatratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical College, PuneTrust
322MBBSMaharashtraB. J. Govt. Medical College, PuneGovt.
323MBBSMaharashtraB.K.L. Walawalkar Rural Medical College, RatnagiriTrust
324MBBSMaharashtraDatta Meghe Medical College, NagpurPrivate
325MBBSMaharashtraDr. D Y Patil Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Pimpri, PuneTrust
326MBBSMaharashtraDr. D Y Patil Medical College, KolhapurTrust
327MBBSMaharashtraDr. N Y Tasgaonkar Institute of Medical ScienceTrust
328MBBSMaharashtraDr. Panjabrao Alias Bhausaheb Deshmukh Memorial Medical College, AmravatiTrust
329MBBSMaharashtraDr. Rajendra Gode Medical College, AmravatiPrivate
330MBBSMaharashtraDr. Shankarrao Chavan Govt. Medical College, NandedGovt.
331MBBSMaharashtraDr. Ulhas Patil Medical College & Hospital, JalgaonTrust
332MBBSMaharashtraDr Vaishampayan Memorial Medical College, SolapurGovt.
333MBBSMaharashtraDr.Vasantrao Pawar Med. Col. Hosp. & Research Centre,Nasik (Prev. NDMVP Samaj Medical College)Trust
334MBBSMaharashtraDr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundations Medical College & Hospital, AhmednagarTrust
335MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, AkolaGovt.
336MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, AlibagGovt.
337MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical college and District Hospital, RatnagiriGovt.
338MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, AurangabadGovt.
339MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, ChandrapurGovt.
340MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, GondiaGovt.
341MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College & Hospital, BaramatiGovt.
342MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, JalgaonGovt.
343MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, LaturGovt.
344MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, MirajGovt.
345MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, NagpurGovt.
346MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, NandurbarGovt.
347MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, OsmanabadGovt.
348MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, ParbhaniGovt.
349MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College ,SataraGovt.
350MBBSMaharashtraGovernment Medical College, SindhudurgGovt.
351MBBSMaharashtraGrant Medical College, MumbaiGovt.
352MBBSMaharashtraH.B.T. Medical College & Dr. R.N. Cooper Municipal General Hospital, Juhu, MumbaiGovt.
353MBBSMaharashtraIndian Institute of Medical Science & Research, JalnaTrust
354MBBSMaharashtraIndira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, NagpurGovt.
355MBBSMaharashtraJawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Sawangi (Meghe), WardhaTrust
356MBBSMaharashtraKJ Somaiyya Medical College & Research Centre, MumbaiTrust
357MBBSMaharashtraKrishna Institute of Medical Sciences, KaradTrust
358MBBSMaharashtraLokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Sion, MumbaiGovt.
359MBBSMaharashtraMaharashtra Institute of Medical Education & Research, Talegaon,PuneTrust
360MBBSMaharashtraMaharashtra Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, LaturTrust
361MBBSMaharashtraMahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, WardhaTrust
362MBBSMaharashtraMahatma Gandhi Mission Medical College, VashiTrust
363MBBSMaharashtraMahatma Gandhi Missions Medical College, AurangabadTrust
364MBBSMaharashtraMahatma Gandhi Missions Medical College, Navi MumbaiTrust
365MBBSMaharashtraN. K. P. Salve Instt. of Medical Sciences and Research Centre and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, NagpurTrust
366MBBSMaharashtraPadmashree Dr. D.Y.Patil Medical College, Navi MumbaiTrust
367MBBSMaharashtraParbhani Medical College, ParbhaniSociety
368MBBSMaharashtraPrakash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, SangliTrust
369MBBSMaharashtraRajashree Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj Government Medical College, KolhapurGovt.
370MBBSMaharashtraRajiv Gandhi Medical College and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital, ThaneGovt.
371MBBSMaharashtraRural Medical College, LoniTrust
372MBBSMaharashtraSeth GS Medical College, and KEM Hospital, MumbaiGovt.
373MBBSMaharashtraShri Vasant Rao Naik Govt. Medical College, YavatmalGovt.
374MBBSMaharashtraSindhudurg Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (SSPM) Medical College & Lifetime Hospital, Padave, SindhudurgTrust
375MBBSMaharashtraSMBT Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Nandihills, NashikTrust
376MBBSMaharashtraSmt. Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital,PuneTrust
377MBBSMaharashtraSri Bhausaheb Hire Government Medical College, DhuleGovt.
378MBBSMaharashtraSRTR Medical College, AmbajogaiGovt.
379MBBSMaharashtraSymbiosis Medical College for Women, PuneSociety
380MBBSMaharashtraTerna Medical College, Navi MumbaiTrust
381MBBSMaharashtraTopiwala National Medical College, MumbaiGovt.
382MBBSMaharashtraVedantaa Institute of Medical Sciences, Palghar, MaharashtraPrivate
383MBBSManipurGovernment Medical College, ChurachandpurGovt.
384MBBSManipurJawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences,Porompet,ImphalGovt.
385MBBSManipurRegional Institute of Medical Sciences, ImphalGovt.
386MBBSManipurShija Academy of Health SciencesPrivate
387MBBSMeghalayaNorth Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Instt. of Health and Medical Sciences, ShillongGovt.
388MBBSMizoramZoram Medical College, MizoramGovt.
389MBBSNagalandNagaland Institute of Medical Sciences & ResearchGovt.
390MBBSOrissaAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, BhubaneswarGovt.
391MBBSOrissaDharanidhar Medical College & Hospital (DDMCH), Keonjhar,Govt.
392MBBSOrissaDRIEMS Institute of Health Sciences and Hospital, KairapariSociety
393MBBSOrissaGovernment Medical College BhawanipatnaGovt.
394MBBSOrissaGovernment Medical College & Hospital (Renamed as Bhima Bhoi Medical College & Hospital), BalangirGovt.
395MBBSOrissaGovernment Medical College & Hospital (Renamed as Fakir Mohan Medical College & Hospital), BalasoreGovt.
396MBBSOrissaGovernment Medical College, SundargarhGovt.
397MBBSOrissaHi-Tech Medical College & Hospital, BhubaneswarTrust
398MBBSOrissaHi-Tech Medical College & Hospital, RourkelaTrust
399MBBSOrissaInstt. Of Medical Sciences & SUM Hospital, BhubaneswarTrust
400MBBSOrissaKalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, BhubaneswarTrust
401MBBSOrissaMKCG Medical College, BerhampurGovt.
402MBBSOrissaPt. Raghunath Murmu Medical College and Hospital, Baripada, OdishaGovt.
403MBBSOrissaSaheed Laxman Nayak Medical College & Hospital, KoraputGovt.
404MBBSOrissaSCB Medical College, CuttackGovt.
405MBBSOrissaSri Jagannath Medical College & Hospital, PuriGovt.
406MBBSOrissaVeer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, BurlaGovt.
407MBBSPondicherryAarupadai Veedu Medical College, PondicherryTrust
408MBBSPondicherryIndira Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute, PuducherryGovt.
409MBBSPondicherryJawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research, PuducherryGovt.
410MBBSPondicherryMahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute, PondicherryTrust
411MBBSPondicherryPondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, PondicherryTrust
412MBBSPondicherrySri Lakshmi Narayana Institute of Medical Sciences, PondicherryTrust
413MBBSPondicherrySri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College & Hospital, PondicherryTrust
414MBBSPondicherrySri Venkateswaraa Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, PondicherryTrust
415MBBSPondicherryVinayaka Missions Medical College, Karaikal, PondicherryTrust
416MBBSPunjabAdesh Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, BhatindaTrust
417MBBSPunjabAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, BhatindaGovt.
418MBBSPunjabChintpurni Medical College, Pathankot, GurdaspurTrust
419MBBSPunjabChristian Medical College, LudhianaTrust
420MBBSPunjabDayanand Medical College & Hospital, LudhianaTrust
421MBBSPunjabDr B R Ambedkar State Institute of Medical Sciences, SAS Nagar , MohaliGovt.
422MBBSPunjabGian Sagar Medical College & Hospital, PatialaTrust
423MBBSPunjabGovernment Medical College, AmritsarGovt.
424MBBSPunjabGovernment Medical College, PatialaGovt.
425MBBSPunjabGuru Govind Singh Medical College, FaridkotGovt.
426MBBSPunjabPunjab Institute of Medical Sciences, JalandharTrust
427MBBSPunjabSri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Sri AmritsarTrust
428MBBSRajasthanAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, JodhpurGovt.
429MBBSRajasthanAmerican International Institute of Medical Sciences, BedwasPrivate
430MBBSRajasthanAnanta Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, RajsamandSociety
431MBBSRajasthanDr SN Medical College, JodhpurGovt.
432MBBSRajasthanDr S S Tantia Medical College Hospital & Research CentrePrivate
433MBBSRajasthanEmployees State Insurance Corporation Medical College,AlwarGovt.
434MBBSRajasthanGeetanjali Medical College & Hospital,UdaipurTrust
435MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, AlwarGovt.
436MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, BarmerGovt.
437MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, Bharatpur, RajasthanGovt.
438MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, Bhilwara, RajasthanGovt.
439MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, BundiGovt.
440MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, ChittorgarhGovt.
441MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, ChuruGovt.
442MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, DausaGovt.
443MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, DholpurGovt.
444MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, DungarpurGovt.
445MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, HanumangarhGovt.
446MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, KarauliGovt.
447MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, KotaGovt.
448MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, Pali, RajasthanGovt.
449MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, SirohiGovt.
450MBBSRajasthanGovernment Medical College, Sri GanganagarGovt.
451MBBSRajasthanJaipur National University Institute of Medical Sciences and Resarch Centre, Jagatpura, JaipurPrivate
452MBBSRajasthanJawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AjmerGovt.
453MBBSRajasthanJhalawar Medical College, JhalawarGovt.
454MBBSRajasthanMahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, Sitapur, JaipurTrust
455MBBSRajasthanNational Institute of Medical Science & Research, JaipurTrust
456MBBSRajasthanPacific Institute of Medical Sciences, Umarda, UdaipurSociety
457MBBSRajasthanPacific Medical College & Hospital, Bhilo Ka Bedla, UdaipurTrust
458MBBSRajasthanR N T Medical College, UdaipurGovt.
459MBBSRajasthanRUHS College of Medical Sciences, JaipurGovt.
460MBBSRajasthanSardar Patel Medical College, BikanerGovt.
461MBBSRajasthanShri Kalyan Govt. Medical College, Sikar, RajasthanGovt.
462MBBSRajasthanSMS Medical College, JaipurGovt.
463MBBSSikkimSikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, GangtokTrust
464MBBSTamil NaduACS Medical College and Hospital, ChennaiTrust
465MBBSTamil NaduAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, MaduraiGovt.
466MBBSTamil NaduAnnapoorna Medical College & Hospital, SalemTrust
467MBBSTamil NaduArunai Medical College And HospitalTrust
468MBBSTamil NaduBhaarat Medical College & HospitalTrust
469MBBSTamil NaduChengalpattu Medical College, ChengalpattuGovt.
470MBBSTamil NaduChettinad Hospital & Research Institute, KanchipuramTrust
471MBBSTamil NaduChristian Medical College, VelloreTrust
472MBBSTamil NaduCoimbatore Medical College, CoimbatoreGovt.
473MBBSTamil NaduDhanalakshmi Srinivasan Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital,Trust
474MBBSTamil NaduDhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College and Hospital,PerambalurTrust
475MBBSTamil NaduE.S.I.C. Medical College & Hospital, K.K. Nagar, Chennai earlier known as ESIC Medical College & PGIMSR, K.K Nagar, ChennaiGovt.
476MBBSTamil NaduFaculty of Medicine , Sri Lalithambigai Medical College and HospitalTrust
477MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Dharmapuri Medical College, DharmapuriGovt.
478MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Erode Medical College & Hospital, Perundurai (Formerly IRT Perundurai Medical College)Govt.
479MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College,AriyalurGovt.
480MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College,DindigulGovt.
481MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College & ESIC Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.Govt.
482MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College KallakurichiGovt.
483MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College, KarurGovt.
484MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College KrishnagiriGovt.
485MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College NagapattinamGovt.
486MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College, NamakkalGovt.
487MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College, OmandurarGovt.
488MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College, Pudukottai, Tamil NaduGovt.
489MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College RamanathapuramGovt.
490MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College, The NilgirisGovt.
491MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College, ThiruvallurGovt.
492MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College ,TiruppurGovt.
493MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Medical College, VirudhunagarGovt.
494MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Sivagangai Medical College, SivagangaGovt.
495MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Thiruvannamalai Medical College, ThiruvannamalaiGovt.
496MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Vellore Medical College, VelloreGovt.
497MBBSTamil NaduGovernment Villupuram Medical College, VillupuramGovt.
498MBBSTamil NaduGovt. Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College, Salem- 30Govt.
499MBBSTamil NaduIndira Medical College & Hospitals, ThiruvallurPrivate
500MBBSTamil NaduKanyaKumari Government Medical College, AsaripallamGovt.
501MBBSTamil NaduK A P Viswanathan Government Medical College, TrichyGovt.
502MBBSTamil NaduKarpagam Faculty of Medical Sciences & Research, CoimbatoreTrust
503MBBSTamil NaduKarpaga Vinayaga Institute of Medical Sciences,MaduranthagamTrust
504MBBSTamil NaduKilpauk Medical College, ChennaiGovt.
505MBBSTamil NaduKMCH Institute of Health Sciences and Research, CoimbatorePrivate
506MBBSTamil NaduMadha Medical College and Hospital, Thandalam, ChennaiTrust
507MBBSTamil NaduMadras Medical College, ChennaiGovt.
508MBBSTamil NaduMadurai Medical College, MaduraiGovt.
509MBBSTamil NaduMeenakshi Medical College and Research Institute, EnathurTrust
510MBBSTamil NaduMelmaruvathur Adiparasakthi Instt. Medical Sciences and ResearchTrust
511MBBSTamil NaduNandha Medical College & Hospital ErodeTrust
512MBBSTamil NaduPanimalar Medical College Hospital & Research Institute, Chennai,Tamil NaduTrust
513MBBSTamil NaduPSG Institute of Medical Sciences, CoimbatoreTrust
514MBBSTamil NaduPSP Medical College Hospital and Research InstituteTrust
515MBBSTamil NaduRajah Muthiah Medical College, AnnamalainagarGovt.
516MBBSTamil NaduSaveetha Medical College and Hospital, KanchipuramTrust
517MBBSTamil NaduShri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute, KancheepuramTrust
518MBBSTamil NaduSree Balaji Medical College and Hospital, ChennaiTrust
519MBBSTamil NaduSree Mookambika Institute of Medical Sciences, KanyakumariTrust
520MBBSTamil NaduSri Muthukumaran Medical College,ChennaiTrust
521MBBSTamil NaduSrinivasan Medical College and HospitalTrust
522MBBSTamil NaduSri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute, ChennaiTrust
523MBBSTamil NaduSri Venkateswaraa Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, ChennaiPrivate
524MBBSTamil NaduSRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, ChengalpattuTrust
525MBBSTamil NaduStanley Medical College, ChennaiGovt.
526MBBSTamil NaduST Peters Medical College, Hospital & Research InstituteTrust
527MBBSTamil NaduSwamy Vivekanandha Medical College Hospital And Research InstituteTrust
528MBBSTamil NaduTagore Medical College and Hospital, ChennaiTrust
529MBBSTamil NaduThanjavur Medical College,ThanjavurGovt.
530MBBSTamil NaduTheni Government Medical College,TheniGovt.
531MBBSTamil NaduThiruvarur Govt. Medical College, ThiruvarurGovt.
532MBBSTamil NaduThoothukudi Medical College, ThoothukudiGovt.
533MBBSTamil NaduTirunelveli Medical College,TirunelveliGovt.
534MBBSTamil NaduTrichy SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, TrichyTrust
535MBBSTamil NaduVelammal Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, MaduraiTrust
536MBBSTamil NaduVELS Medical College & HospitalTrust
537MBBSTamil NaduVinayaka Missions Kirupananda Variyar Medical College, SalemTrust
538MBBSTelanganaAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, BibinagarGovt.
539MBBSTelanganaApollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, HyderabadTrust
540MBBSTelanganaArundathi Institute of Medical SciencesTrust
541MBBSTelanganaAyaan Institute of Medical Sciences, Teaching Hospital & Research Centre, Kanaka Mamidi, R.R. DistSociety
542MBBSTelanganaBhaskar Medical College, YenkapallyTrust
543MBBSTelanganaChalmeda Anand Rao Insttitute Of Medical Sciences, KarimnagarTrust
544MBBSTelanganaCMR Institute of Medical SciencesTrust
545MBBSTelanganaDeccan College of Medical Sciences, HyderabadTrust
546MBBSTelanganaDr. Patnam Mahender Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences, Chevella, RangareddySociety
547MBBSTelanganaDr. VRK Womens Medical College, AziznagarTrust
548MBBSTelanganaEmployees State Insurance Coporation Medical College, Sanath Nagar, HyderabadGovt.
549MBBSTelanganaFather Colombo Institute of Medical SciencesTrust
550MBBSTelanganaGandhi Medical College, SecunderabadGovt.
551MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, Bhadradri KothagudemGovt.
552MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, JagtialGovt.
553MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College JangaonGovt.
554MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, Jayashankar BhupalpallyGovt.
555MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, KamareddyGovt.
556MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, KarimnagarGovt.
557MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, KhammamGovt.
558MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, Kumuram Bheem AsifabadGovt.
559MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, MahabubabadGovt.
560MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, MahabubnagarGovt.
561MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, MancherialGovt.
562MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, NagarkurnoolGovt.
563MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, NalgondaGovt.
564MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, NirmalGovt.
565MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, NizamabadGovt.
566MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, Rajanna SircillaGovt.
567MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, RamagundamGovt.
568MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, SangareddyGovt.
569MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, SiddipetGovt.
570MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, SuryapetGovt.
571MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, VikarabadGovt.
572MBBSTelanganaGovernment Medical College, WanaparthyGovt.
573MBBSTelanganaKakatiya Medical College, WarangalGovt.
574MBBSTelanganaKamineni Academy of Medical Sciences & Research Center, HyderabadPrivate
575MBBSTelanganaKamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, NarketpallyTrust
576MBBSTelanganaMahavir Institute of Medical Sciences, Vikarabad, TelenganaTrust
577MBBSTelanganaMaheshwara Medical College, Chitkul, Patancheru, MedakSociety
578MBBSTelanganaMalla Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences, HyderabadSociety
579MBBSTelanganaMallareddy Medical College for Women, HyderabadSociety
580MBBSTelanganaMamata Academy of Medical Sciences, BachupallySociety
581MBBSTelanganaMamata Medical College, KhammamTrust
582MBBSTelanganaMediciti Institute Of Medical Sciences, GhanpurTrust
583MBBSTelanganaMNR Medical College & Hospital, SangareddyTrust
584MBBSTelanganaNeelima Institute of Medical Sciences, MedchalTrust
585MBBSTelanganaOsmania Medical College, HyderabadGovt.
586MBBSTelanganaPrathima Institute Of Medical Sciences, KarimnagarTrust
587MBBSTelanganaPrathima Relief Institue of Medical SciencesTrust
588MBBSTelanganaRajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, adilabadGovt.
589MBBSTelanganaR.V.M. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, SiddipetTrust
590MBBSTelanganaShadan Institute of Medical Sciences,Research Centre and Teaching Hospital, PeerancheruSociety
591MBBSTelanganaSurabhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Siddipet, TelanganaSociety
592MBBSTelanganaS V S Medical College, MehboobnagarTrust
593MBBSTelanganaTRR Institute of Medical Sciences, PatancheruSociety
594MBBSTripuraAgartala Government Medical College,AgartalaGovt.
595MBBSTripuraTripura Medical College and Dr. B R A M Teaching Hospital, AgartalaTrust
596MBBSUttarakhandAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, RishikeshGovt.
597MBBSUttarakhandDoon Medical College, Dehradun, UttarakhandGovt.
598MBBSUttarakhandGautam Buddha Chikitsa Mahavidyalaya, DehradumTrust
599MBBSUttarakhandGovernment Medical College (Prev.Uttarakhand Forest Hospital Trust Med.Col.), HaldwaniGovt.
600MBBSUttarakhandHimalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, DehradunTrust
601MBBSUttarakhandShri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical & Health Sciences, DehradunSociety
602MBBSUttarakhandSoban Singh Jeena Government Institute of Medical Science & Research, AlmoraGovt.
603MBBSUttarakhandVeer Chandra Singh Garhwali Govt. Medical Sc. & Research Instt, Srinagar, Pauri GarhwalGovt.
604MBBSUttar PradeshAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, GorakhpurGovt.
605MBBSUttar PradeshAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rae BareliGovt.
606MBBSUttar PradeshAutonomous State Medical College PratapgarhGovt.
607MBBSUttar PradeshAutonomous State Medical College, SiddharthnagarGovt.
608MBBSUttar PradeshAutonomous State Medical College Society, Etah, Uttar PradeshGovt.
609MBBSUttar PradeshAutonomous State Medical College Society, FatehpurGovt.
610MBBSUttar PradeshAutonomous State Medical College Society GhazipurGovt.
611MBBSUttar PradeshAutonomous State Medical College Society, HardoiGovt.
612MBBSUttar PradeshAutonomous State Society Medical College MirzapurGovt.
613MBBSUttar PradeshBRD Medical College, GorakhpurGovt.
614MBBSUttar PradeshCareer Instt. Of Medical Sciences & Hospital, LucknowTrust
615MBBSUttar PradeshDr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences,LucknowGovt.
616MBBSUttar PradeshEra Lucknow Medical College , LucknowTrust
617MBBSUttar PradeshF.H. Medical College & Hospital, Etamdapur, AgraTrust
618MBBSUttar PradeshGovernment Allopathic Medical College, Banda, UPGovt.
619MBBSUttar PradeshGovernment Institute of Medical Sciences, Kasna, Greater NoidaGovt-Society
620MBBSUttar PradeshGovernment Medical College, Badaun, U.P.Govt.
621MBBSUttar PradeshGovernment Medical College, FaizabadGovt.
622MBBSUttar PradeshGovernment Medical College, FirozabadGovt.
623MBBSUttar PradeshGovernment Medical College, KannaujGovt.
624MBBSUttar PradeshGovernment Medical College, Rampur, BastiGovt.
625MBBSUttar PradeshGovernment Medical College, Shahjahanpur, UPGovt.
626MBBSUttar PradeshGovernment Medical College & Super facility Hospital, AzamgarhGovt.
627MBBSUttar PradeshG.S. Medical College & Hospital, Hapur, UPTrust
628MBBSUttar PradeshGSVM Medical College, KanpurGovt.
629MBBSUttar PradeshHeritage Institute of Medical Sciences, VaranasiPrivate
630MBBSUttar PradeshHind Institute of Medical Sciences , BarabankiTrust
631MBBSUttar PradeshHind Institute of Medical Sciences, SitapurTrust
632MBBSUttar PradeshInstitute of Medical Sciences, BHU, VaransiGovt.
633MBBSUttar PradeshIntegral Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, LucknowPrivate
634MBBSUttar PradeshJawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AligarhGovt.
635MBBSUttar PradeshK.D. Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, MathuraSociety
636MBBSUttar PradeshKing George Medical University, LucknowGovt.
637MBBSUttar PradeshKrishna Mohan Medical College & Hospital, MathuraSociety
638MBBSUttar PradeshLLRM Medical College, MeerutGovt.
639MBBSUttar PradeshMahamaya Rajkiya Allopathic Medical College, AmbedkarnagarGovt.
640MBBSUttar PradeshMaharani Laxmi Bai Medical College, JhansiGovt.
641MBBSUttar PradeshMaharshi Devraha Baba Autonomous State Medical College, DeoriaGovt.
642MBBSUttar PradeshMajor S D Singh Medical College and Hospital, Fathehgarh, FarrukhabadTrust
643MBBSUttar PradeshMayo Institute of Medical Sciences, BarabankiTrust
644MBBSUttar PradeshMoti Lal Nehru Medical College, AllahabadGovt.
645MBBSUttar PradeshMuzaffarnagar Medical College, MuzaffarnagarTrust
646MBBSUttar PradeshNaraina Medical College & Research CentreSociety
647MBBSUttar PradeshNational Capital Region Institute of Medical Sciences, MeerutSociety
648MBBSUttar PradeshNoida International Institute Of Medical SciencesTrust
649MBBSUttar PradeshPrasad Institute of Medical Sciences, LucknowTrust
650MBBSUttar PradeshRajkiya Allopathic Medical College, Bahraich, UPGovt.
651MBBSUttar PradeshRajkiya Medical College Jalaun, Orai, Uttar PradeshGovt.
652MBBSUttar PradeshRajshree Medical Research Institute, BareillyTrust
653MBBSUttar PradeshRama Medical College and Hospital , KanpurTrust
654MBBSUttar PradeshRama Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, HapurTrust
655MBBSUttar PradeshRohilkhand Medical College & Hospital, BareillyTrust
656MBBSUttar PradeshSantosh Medical College, GhaziabadTrust
657MBBSUttar PradeshSaraswati Institute of Medical Sciences, HapurTrust
658MBBSUttar PradeshSaraswati Medical College, Unnao, U.P.Trust
659MBBSUttar PradeshSchool of Medical Sciences & Research,Greater NoidaTrust
660MBBSUttar PradeshShaikh-UL-Hind Maulana Mahmood Hasan Medical College, SaharanpurGovt.
661MBBSUttar PradeshShri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Medical Sciences, BareillyTrust
662MBBSUttar PradeshSKS Hospital Medical College & Research CentrePrivate
663MBBSUttar PradeshS N Medical College, AgraGovt.
664MBBSUttar PradeshSubharti Medical College, MeerutTrust
665MBBSUttar PradeshTeerthanker Mahaveer Medical College, MoradabadTrust
666MBBSUttar PradeshT S Misra Medical College & Hospital, Amusi, LucknowPrivate
667MBBSUttar PradeshUma Nath Singh Autonomous State Medical College Society JaunpurGovt.
668MBBSUttar PradeshUnited Institute of Medical Sciences, AllahabadSociety
669MBBSUttar PradeshUttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences, (Prev. UP Rural Inst.of Med.Sc&R) EtawahGovt.
670MBBSUttar PradeshVarun Arjun Medical College, Banthra, ShahjahanpurTrust
671MBBSUttar PradeshVenkateshwara Institute of Medical Sciences, GajraulaTrust
672MBBSWest BengalAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, Kalyani, NadiaGovt.
673MBBSWest BengalBankura Sammilani Medical College, BankuraGovt.
674MBBSWest BengalBarasat Government Medical College & HospitalGovt.
675MBBSWest BengalBurdwan Medical College, BurdwanGovt.
676MBBSWest BengalCalcutta National Medical College, KolkataGovt.
677MBBSWest BengalCollege of Medicine and JNM Hospital,Kalyani,NadiaGovt.
678MBBSWest BengalCollege of Medicine and Sagore Dutta Hospital, KolkataGovt.
679MBBSWest BengalCoochbehar Government Medical College & Hospital, Coochbehar, WBGovt.
680MBBSWest BengalDiamond Harbour Government Medical College and Hospital, West BengalGovt.
681MBBSWest BengalEmployees State Insurance Corporation Medical College, Joka, KolkataGovt.
682MBBSWest BengalGouri Devi Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital, DurgapurSociety
683MBBSWest BengalGovt. Medical College, KolkataGovt.
684MBBSWest BengalICARE Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Haldia, Purba MidanporeTrust
685MBBSWest BengalInstitute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research, KolkataGovt.
686MBBSWest BengalIQ-City Medical College, BurdwanTrust
687MBBSWest BengalJagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital, KolkataTrust
688MBBSWest BengalJalpaiguri Government Medical CollegeGovt.
689MBBSWest BengalJhargram Government Medical College & HospitalGovt.
690MBBSWest BengalJIS School of Medical Science & Research, HowrahTrust
691MBBSWest BengalJMN Medical College, NadiaTrust
692MBBSWest BengalKPC Medical College,Jadavpur,KolkataTrust
693MBBSWest BengalMalda Medical College & Hospital, MaldaGovt.
694MBBSWest BengalMidnapore Medical College, MidnaporeGovt.
695MBBSWest BengalMurshidabad Medical College & Hospitals, MurshidabadGovt.
696MBBSWest BengalNilratan Sircar Medical College, KolkataGovt.
697MBBSWest BengalNorth Bengal Medical College, DarjeelingGovt.
698MBBSWest BengalPrafulla Chandra Sen Government Medical College & HospitalGovt.
699MBBSWest BengalPurulia Government Medical College & HospitalGovt.
700MBBSWest BengalRaiganj Government Medical College & Hospital, RaiganjGovt.
701MBBSWest BengalRampurhat Government Medical College & Hospital, RampurhatGovt.
702MBBSWest BengalRG Kar Medical College, KolkataGovt.
703MBBSWest BengalSantiniketan Medical College, Bolpur, West BengalTrust
704MBBSWest BengalSarat Chandra Chattopadhyay Government Medical College & HospitalGovt.
705MBBSWest BengalShri Ramkrishna Institute of Medical Sciences & Sanaka Hospitals, DurgapurTrust
706MBBSWest BengalTamralipto Government Medical College & HospitalGovt.
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